J a c o b   S a n d r i d g e  -  C o m p o s e r   &   P i a n i s t 


As a composer, sound artist, and performer of contemporary art music, I am interested in both adaptable-length and traditional fixed-length works for acoustic and electronic media. I create music as a method of expressing themes of memory, transformation, nature, and comfort. I understand and experience art as a unique space that allows for the suspension of disbelief where audience and performers can experiment with the juxtaposition of ideas that might originate from dissimilar places. This juxtaposition of dissimilarities is parallel to the alterity I felt as my Appalachian identity was displaced in more urban and more academic environments. As I engage with new ideas, I learn to coalesce new ideas with my past experience, creating works that express some part of my personal history while engaging with the changing world around me.

Recent projects that engage with these ideas include a temporary interactive sound installation at the Moody Center for the Arts at Rice University titled Each step, that allowed participants to explore a 5x5 grid on the floor where each square had a unique effect on the synthesized sound. Another recent project is an interactive piece for tenor saxophone or viola and live electronics, that reflects the activities of a flock of birds at dawn. Last year, I collaborated with double bassist Annick Odom to create a work that discusses current issues in Appalachia, including the opioid epidemic and lack of economic opportunity.

Upcoming projects include a collaboration with Houston artist Allison Hunter to create an outdoor video and sound performance in Sesquicentennial Park in downtown Houston, arrangements for children's choir, and a work for string quartet.

Currently, I am a DMA student at Rice University where I have studied with Kurt Stallmann and Richard Lavenda. For the academic year 2017-2018 I taught composition, music theory, and aural skills at West Virginia University. My master's institution was Bowling Green State University, where I studied with Marilyn Shrude, Christopher Dietz, and Mikel Kuehn. My undergraduate study in composition and piano performance was completed at West Virginia University under John Beall and David Taddie. As a pianist, I have premiered several of my own works as well as the works of other contemporary composers.